In this module students consolidate their previous learning by engaging in a research dissertation while simultaneously focusing on their employability. They will pick up the research threads introduced and developed in BA4006 and BA5001 by identifying and researching an industry or sector in which they wish to build their careers and they will write up their findings in the form of a dissertation.   

Their research will involve the review of a wide range of publications (secondary data sources) around the broad area of investigation and this will lead to the formulation of a research proposal for their dissertation.  Students will pursue a robust enquiry into a theme emerging from their investigations in their chosen industry,  and as the theme emerges, the research methodologies, appropriate methods of data collection, data processing and analysis are evaluated. Both the process and the knowledge and skills gained will inform their approach to their future career and more specifically to their immediate employability. For example, students will be required to identify whether secondary data sources alone will be sufficient to satisfactorily answer their research question. Their ability to critically analyse, synthesise and present data in useable form will contribute to their management capability. This process will therefore inform their research,  as well as their future career path.  The undertaking of the investigation, evaluation, synthesis and analysis of data will help them to prepare for the graduate job market. 

Researching the industry, identification of contemporary issues and completion of associated activities will enable students to raise their self-awareness, identify their strengths, plan their career and excel in the application process.

In addition, the module will help students to prepare for the graduate job market by ensuring they have an up-to-date and professional on and offline profile. They will prepare an up-to-date CV and they will engage in simulated interviews to enhance their interview skills while simultaneously completing their dissertation.